Our Curriculum

At Josiah Online, we help every child grow and achieve their fullest potential. Research shows that the fastest brain development growth happens between birth to 6 years old. With adequate stimulation, your child’s brain forms neural connections at a speed of up to 1 million per second. These connections are triggered by loving, responsive and playful bonding and secure attachment. Access our wide range of bite-sized and pedagogically proven lessons suitable for all age groups and watch your child grow and flourish.

Overview for 0 - 18 months

Make Baby On-The-Go your best learning companion today! Apart from learning how to care, breast feed and change diapers for your baby, have you ever wondered how you can help to accelerate your baby’s cognitive skills according to their developmental stages and learn what their different cries mean?

With Baby On-The-Go, here is what you can expect:

  • Bonding Moments – comfort and secure your baby with your touch and increase their happy hormones and immunity
  • Baby Signing – learn how to communicate with your baby and elevate their frustrations through signing and understand their cues before they learn how to speak
  • Montessori Moments – create hands-on learning and independence in your baby within the comfort of your home

Overview for 18 - 36 months

Make Tots On-The-Go your best reliable learning support today! At this age, your child’s window of growth and learning acceleration are at its peak and what better way to be involved and watch them flourish and excel in learning.

This series aim to develop your child’s self-help skills where your child will emerge with an “I Can Do” spirit and learn to take charge of their own learning and become more confident as they step out to explore the world around them.

With Tots On-The-Go, here is what you can expect:

  • Josiah Phonics – kickstart your child’s phonemic awareness with our accelerated phonics programme
  • Tiny Tales – with our mini stories it helps to support brain development, imagination, anticipation and literary skills
  • Jukebox – our songlets supports social and emotional development, extend vocabulary, develop musical awareness with patterns and repetitions s and increase self confidence
  • Toddler Montessori – inculcate the sense of independence, focus and confidence to prepare them for future learnings

Overview for 3 - 6 years

Make Kindy On-The-Go your launch pad as your child gets geared up for Primary School. Stay tuned for new programmes to be launched for this level!

With Kindy On-The-Go, here is what you can expect:

  • Josiah Mathematics
  • Josiah Phonics
  • Musical Arts Programme

Subscription Plans

With our subscription plans, get access to lessons for all age groups with our easy navigation! Our lessons are uploaded every 2 weeks. Enjoy learning along with your child!

Individuals (Monthly)

Learn with our monthly subscription and journey with Josiah Online. Where education begins, so do dreams!

Course Information

Age Group

Course Duration 1 month

Course Fees(USD) 19.00


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